TESY Bi-Light Horizontal Floor Mounted Electric hot water
heaters offer the very latest innovation in highly efficient electric hot water

The Bi-Light Series offer “un-vented” hot water cylinders
that conform to the highest European high efficiency requirements. Manufactured
in Europe, the floor standing horizontal product range offers models with
storage capacity ranging from 60 to 120 litres. (60 litre / 80 litre / 100
litre / 120 litre ).

Designed to be connected directly to the mains cold water
supply, the TESY unvented hot water cylinders provide fast and efficient hot
water with low energy consumption and simple installation.

Simply connect the cylinder to a mains cold water supply on
the inwards feed connection and connect the hot water pipework to the outwards
feed connection cylinder (both connections are 15mm, and are located on the
underside of the cylinder), connect to a 16amp fused spur and the cylinder will
provide hot water.

The unique design offers an adjustable temperature control
to allow the user to select the desired water temperature and high efficiency
water heating that are up to 16% more efficient than rival hot water cylinders.

60 Litre Cylinder is suitable for a dwelling with 1 person and provide 11 Minutes of hot water with a 1 hour heat up time between re-charge.


PISTON EFFECT for control of the speed of incoming water and
increase of the hot water amount with up to 15%

INSUTECH – an in-house TESY technology for highly efficient
insulation and extremely low heat losses

ELECTRIC On/Off Switch

PLASMA-ARC welding of the water tank for extended useful

WALL MOUNTED (brackets included, does NOT include

the desired water temperature

LIGHT COLOUR Indicator to provide a visual indication
that the water is at the designed temperature


GLASS CERAMIC coating for corrosion protection

Diameter of each Model is 440mm

NB. Building Control regulations apply when safely installing an un-vented hot water cylinder. The Cylinders are unvented and require a small safety expansion vessel (5-8 litre) and a pressure release valve installing on the pipework in accordance with UK regulations.

If you have any technical questions we are on hand to help 0161 439 1400

Manufactured In Europe

PLEASE NOTE THERE IS AN EXTRA DELIVERY CHARGE OF £40.00 TO ALL BT, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Ireland, Channel Islands, HS and ZE, and any post codes outside mainland UK. We will contact you after the order to take payment.

Real Volume 60 L
Rated power 2000 W
Heating time Δt 45K (15 – 60°C)**80°C 1:02 h:min
Annual consumption of electricity AEC 1419 kWh
Energy class C
Height 0.440 m
Width 0.675 m
Depth 0.467 m
Diameter 440 mm
Load profile M
V40 65 L
Tout of the box 60 °C
MAX40 65 L