Electric Hot Water Cylinders

Modern Heat are the official UK reseller for TESY Electric Water Heaters. TESY are Europe’s largest manufacturer of electric hot water cylinders and offer energy efficient innovation and reliability.

We offer a wide range of electric water heating cylinders, consisting of a variety of different sizes to fulfill the hot water requirements of both domestic and commercial applications.

Energy Efficient

The design of TESY hot water cylinders focuses on energy efficiency. This ensures that hot water is delivered with minimal energy consumption, contributing to reduced energy costs for consumers.


The reliability of hot water supply is paramount. Our electric water cylinders are crafted to withstand the test of time. TESY hot water cylinders deliver hot water when needed, thereby ensuring peace of mind.


TESY electric hot water cylinders are known for their versatility, catering to a wide spectrum of needs. Whether it’s a compact solution for a 1 bedroom apartment or a high-capacity unit for a bustling commercial space.

Simplified Installation

Specifically TESY electric hot water cylinders are designed to make installation simple and straightforward. Therefore making them a convenient choice for new installations and replacements alike.

The Benefits of Electric Water Heaters:

Homeowners and businesses alike favour Electric Hot Water Heaters due to their simple and quick installation, energy efficiency, and adaptability to various settings. Our range of TESY electric water cylinders are designed and engineered to ensure a continuous and convenient supply of hot water.

BiLight Vertical Electric Water Heaters

Tesy’s range of elegant and simplistic vertically mounted electric water heaters providing hot household water to several points of use at a time.

BiLight Horizontal Electric Water Heaters

A range of horizontally mounted elegant electric water heaters providing hot household water to several points of use at a time with space saving in mind.

BelliSlimo Electric Water Heaters

BelliSlimo is a mix of intelligent high-tech advantages and exclusive Italian design – flat slim silhouette, compact size, which ensures easy mounting according to various needs.

ModEco Electric Water Heaters

Next-generation combining modern design and eco-friendly smart technology. ModEco family for all product and technological innovations people have come to expect from TESY