Instant Water Heaters

Low-volume and compact in size. The water heaters of the Compact series are suitable for installation at small and narrow spaces close to the point of use of hot domestic water.


TESY compact under counter and over counter water heaters offer immediate hot water exactly when you need it. They are designed to be installed close the hot water tap to provide immediate hot water on demand.


TESY compact electric hot water heaters have been designed to offer an over sink installation or undersink installation and offer a practical solution where space is at a premium and hot water is required for washing.


TESY compact electric hot water heaters incorporate a small internal insulated storage tank of 10 or 15 litres in order to store hot water that is delivered to your hot water tap instantaneously thus delivering immediate hot water and reducing waste water run off.


TESY compact electric hot water heaters have been designed to make them quick and simple to intall, with a compression 15mm mains cold water feed in and a 15mm hot water feed out to the hot tap. Connection to a 16amp fused spur is required to energise the appliance.

Тhe ConvEco product family features electric convector heaters with a robust metal construction and a variety of wall-mountable and floor-standing models. The range contains models with electronic thermoregulator and models with mechanical thermoregulator.

The latest generation of ConvEco electric convector heaters achieve 39% of maximum 40% Seasonal Energy Efficiency. This is achieved thanks to the electronic thermoregulator and “smart” functions, which save energy and are easy to use.