Air-to Water Air Source Heat Pump – Aqua Thermica with Heat Exchanger for Domestic Hot Water and connection to Underfloor Heating / Central Heating / Alternative Heat Source

The TESY AquaThermica is an all in one air-to-water, air source heat pump for generating hot water for domestic hot water and central heating. The TESY AquaThermica has a capacity of 260 litres of water and offers a maximum water temperature of 65 degrees. It has an internal sealed coil heat exchanger to allow a closed (unvented) connection to a central heating / under floor heating circuit. The appliance has an efficiency rating of A+ making it one of the most efficient water heaters in its class. It is powered by a single phase 230v power supply that is wired via a fused spur. The heat pump requires connection of 160mm diameter intake and exhaust air hoses, that connect to the top of the appliance.

The AquaThermica offers a state-of-the-art, compact solution to creating energy efficient hot water for domestic and central heating hot water. It is an environmentally friendly product, operating with renewable energy sources resulting in lower CO2 emissions. The appliance is highly efficient with a precisely balanced refrigerant cycle due to an electronically commutated motor and an electronic expansion valve resulting in 75% lower electricity consumption when compared to similar sized electric hot water cylinders.

The appliance includes a user friendly programmable LCD touch control screen and a built in diagnostics control system.

It can operate in conjunction with other heat sources, such a conventional boiler or with other renewable energy sources, such as Solar PV Panels.
Exhaust and Intake Hoses Not Included - 160mm diameter.